Here you will find the answers for the most asking questions. If you didn't find the answer for disturbing you question please contact us!
1.1. Question: What is technical condition of used trucks?
1.2. Answer: The trucks we are offering were chosen by our specialists. Furthermore all trucks will be tested and entirely maintained before sales by our engineers. All exploitations consequences will be removed. That are clearances, replacement of necessary washers and stuffing-boxes, regulation of motor and important units. We will change the filters and oils, paint the truck and if it is necessary put the new tires complete set on. In specials cases we will change some important details and units, what are not working properly in our engineers opinion. Under the circumstances you see that the used trucks are practically as new ones. Of course we are giving the warranty for this used trucks from our company not from manufacturer.
2.1. Question: If we buy the used truck from your company can we get the warranty for this?
2.2. Answer: Of course, but the warranty will be fixed for the concrete truck for certain period. Normally we give the warranty period for used trucks no more than 3 months under condition that you have to maintain your truck from our specialists.
3.1. Question: If the truck is out of order during the warranty period how long will take the repair of it?
3.2. Answer: Normally our service engineer will come in 3 hours after your call to do the preliminary inspection of your truck and try solve it on place. It will take not more than 3 days if the repair is not very complicated and we have to order some spare parts. If the breakage can not be solved on place we will take the truck to our service center. If there is a possibility we will give the analog of the truck for the repair period. Analogical scheme will work if your truck is out of order and not on warranty. We will give the same truck for rent instead of this for repair period.
4.1. Question: Will your company maintain the trucks what were bought from other distributors?
4.2. Answer: Yes
5.1. Question: How will be delivered purchased from you truck?
5.2. Answer: We will organize the deliver of your truck in time thanks to our partners from abroad and here in Estonia for good prices.
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