Our Service
After-sales service is divided on periodic maintenance, warranty repair and capital repair in accordance with the factory norms and rules. Service could be performed at customers place with our service brigades or at our service center. Place and date will be discussed with client after the confirmation for planned work.
First maintenance will be done after 100 working hours from the beginning of the work. If you buy the used truck from us it will have already the whole maintenance. The maintenance of used trucks does with interval 250 working hours. The scheme is cyclic. After the first maintenance the next one will be done in 250 working hours.
Please fill in the special form in the part CONTACT of this web page. As more details you give us as much we will be able to help you! We need next information about your truck (type, brand, serial number, type of mast, working hours for the moment) and all defects you have for today. It will help us to organize the well-prepared visit.
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