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Product ID Brand Engine Model Capacity Year
<a href="/useed_eequipmeent/98530007/">98530007, #98530007</a> 98530007 Yalle Diesel DFG30 3000 1995
<a href="/useed_eequipmeent/98530001/">98530001, #98530001</a> 98530001 TCM LPG/Petrol FG15N15 1600
<a href="/useed_eequipmeent/98530002/">98530002, #98530002</a> 98530002 Nissan LPG/Petrol UJ02A25u s/n 791682 2500
<a href="/useed_eequipmeent/98530003/">98530003, #98530003</a> 98530003 Hyster LPG/Petrol H2.5XD 2500
<a href="/useed_eequipmeent/98530004/">98530004, #98530004</a> 98530004 BOSS Diesel NH20-5D2 2000 1995
<a href="/useed_eequipmeent/98530005/">98530005, #98530005</a> 98530005 Yale Diesel GDP25TF 1500 1995
<a href="/useed_eequipmeent/98530009/">98530009, #98530009</a> 98530009 BT Electric 1200
<a href="/useed_eequipmeent/98530010/">98530010, #98530010</a> 98530010 Nichiyu Electric 1250
<a href="/useed_eequipmeent/98530011/">98530011, #98530011</a> 98530011 Mitsubishi LPG FG25NT 2000
<a href="/useed_eequipmeent/98530012/">98530012, #98530012</a> 98530012 Linde elektro E16C-02 1600 2000
<a href="/useed_eequipmeent/98740001/">98740001, #98740001</a> 98740001 Hu-Lift Electric 2000 2007
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