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Brand HYSTER® Model J1.6 UTT TYPE 3 - Support Points Counterweight Forkloader MAST 2-Stage DUPLEX Extended (max.) 3300 mm, Lowered (min.) 2125 mm FORKS: 920x100x35mm CARRIAGE: FEM A II HYDRAULICS: 2 Functions ENGINE: 48v AC HEADLIGHTS: LED 2 + 1
BRAND HYSTER® MODEL H4.5FT6 YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2020- NEW TYPE DIESEL FORKLIFT LIFTING CAPACITY 4500 kg Nominal MAST TRIPLEX Vista Plus Mast. (SPED) Lifting height max (4.5 = h4) 4145mm Closed height min (4.2 = H1) 2215mm CARRIAGE ISO CLASS FEM A IV FULL FREE LIFT 1230mm MACHINE DIMENSIONS Protection frame height (4.7 = h6) 2070 mm The length of the truck (4.20 = l2) 3257mm Width of the truck (4.21 = b1 / b2) 1575 | 1875mm Turning radius (4.35 = Wa) 2837mm Wheelbase (1.9 = Y) 2100 mm FORKS ISO CLASS IV (4.22 = s / e / l) 1500/150 / 60mm SIDE SHIFT ISO CLASS IV 1524mm HYDRAULICS 3 Hydraulic functions (2 + 1 additional) HYDRO CONTROL “Touch Point Minilevers” ENGINE Kubota 3.8L DPF 55kW V-Engine GEARBOX Duramatch ™ 1 Speed WHEELS AND TIRES FW- Solid Tire 300x15 REAR-Solid Tire 28x9-15
Our services: We carry out the maintenance and repairs both on equipment purchased from us and on customer forklifts purchased from other suppliers; All kinds of spare parts (batteries, tires) for various warehouse and forklift equipment; Qualified personnel advises on the maintenance and maintenance of the condition of equipment, as well as carries out operational repairs; We supply various equipment by order; Transport services providing by the customer order; We expose the customer's equipment for commission sales on our website The company offers both used and new lifting equipment with a guarantee The TKSK OÜ Code Of Conduct: Pleasant and friendly service The high level customer cooperation Honesty and loyalty Correctness and accuracy .
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PARTS FOR FORKLIFTS AT EXCELLENT PRICE In case of urgent requests for replacement parts, TKSK Service OÜ always has a solution.
FORKLIFTS AND CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY We offer a wide range of original spare parts and filters for both forklift brands and construction machinery.
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